Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Birthday Bash!

As Chets Creek is celebrating it's 10th birthday, we have had many exciting adventures this week. On Tuesday the class toured the contents of the time capsule and then joined Mrs. Frizzle on the Magic School bus just like the very first classes that came to Chets Creek ten years ago. On the bus our class got to enjoy a videotape looking back at that first day and then we saw photos of students and teachers throughout the years.

On Wednesday we invited some of the teachers and students that have left Chets Creek to return and read some of the previous Books of the Months to the class. We had many of Mrs. Conte and Mrs. Timmons' former students read to the class, but the highlight was having Parker's big sister read! Peyton brought her friend Ashley with her, and they read a favorite Book of the Month, Picky Miss Pickle. Wow - maybe some of the kindergarten students sitting and listening today will come back in ten years to read to another class! thanks to all our readers!
We ended the week at a flag raising where a new time capsule was buried. Maybe some of our students will come back in ten years and open the time capsule!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Welcome Ms. Happ!

Welcome Ms. Rachael Happ! As you know, Florida has a class size amendment which is meant to lower class size. As a result of Chets Creek growing in the number of children that we have enrolled and student-teacher ratio getting smaller, the school has added 8 additional teachers this year since school started! The only problem is that we are out of classrooms at Chets Creek, so the new teachers have been joining established classes. We are so fortunate to welcome Ms. Rachael Happ to our class today. She is a recent elementary education graduate - a fully certified teacher ready to begin her teaching experience with the BEST class at Chets Creek. Make sure to ask your child about her new exciting smile in our classroom every day!