Friday, 31 August 2007

Mother Goose is on the Loose!

You may remember the traditional nursery rhyme Jack and Jill from your own childhood! This week the children talked about Jack and Jill going up the hill. They learned what a well is and even acted out the rhyme (in our case, we used a trashcan to represent the well!) The children practiced "reading" the rhyme from left-to-right and top to bottom. They read the rhyme using a deep, gruff "Jack" voice and a silly, high "Jill" voice. Make sure to ask your child to recite the rhyme using a "Jack" voice and then a "Jill" voice! For a copy of the rhyme for your child to practice reading, go to
Finally we talked about rhyming words:

What's the word that rhymes with Jill? Can you guess the word?

Standing outside my windowsill, in the winter I feel a ... (chill)

My dad does woodworking with lots of skill. I love to watch him use his ... (drill)

Eating hamburgers is a thrill when we cook them on the ... (grill)

When I was sick and feeling ill, my mom gave me a yellow ... (pill)

What a fun week! Next week's nursery rhyme... Hickory Dickory Dock!

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Caps for Sale and Some Monkey Business

As the day was coming to an end and we were busy getting prepared to go home, we overheard Nathan say, "This was the best day of Kindergarten!" Truly music to a kindergarten teacher's ears! From Matthew being chosen as the Star Name of the Day in Skills Block, to learning all about our independent reading book bins, to listening to a favorite read aloud of the star book, Caps for Sale, to making our very own cap-wearing monkeys (from the book), it was a busy, yet fun day. The class has even started working together as a team to earn "class rocks"...because they know that when the jar gets full, we will celebrate with a party of their choice! Our second week of Kindergarten is almost through and WOW...have we made progress!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Welcome to Wonderland

We have been in school for 3 days now and wow, have we been busy in Wonderland! Our Kindergarten "Wonderers" saw a fabulous and funny magic show and jumped in a bouncehouse on the first day of school. Since then we have been off and running....learning rituals and routines in our classroom. Today, we brainstormed "good choices at school" and made our "Class Promise" which will be displayed all year in the back of our room. Tomorrow, we will have our first Resource class, PE! It's been an adventure already, but we are excited to watch our wonderers continue to grow and blossom! Here's to 177 more days of Timmonte Fun!