Sunday, 4 May 2008

Summer Fun!

Dear Timmontes,

I have been thinking about some of things we could do together this summer as we think about living our lives as readers and writers. To encourage you to write,
  • I want to give you my e-mail address so that you can send me an e-mail. Ask Mom or Dad if it is okay to send a message on the computer. They can show you what to do. You can write the message yourself and just let mom or dad send it for you. Tell me about what you are doing, if you go on vacation, what you are writing and about what you are reading. I'll make sure to e-mail you back.

  • I am going to be posting some suggestions each weekend of activities that you can do over the summer. I hope that you will use the comment button on the bottom of this blog and comment if you do any of the activities.

  • You should also get a postcard from me in the mail that has my address on it so that you can write me letters, draw me pictures, send me your stories or photographs of what you are doing or anything else you would like for me to see. I promise if I get a letter, comment, or e-mail from you, I will write you back!

All of your comments, e-mails, letters, photos, pictures, etc. will be used for a back-to-school bulletin board. It will be a way for us all to reconnect and see what everyone has been up to all summer! Can't wait to hear from YOU! Mrs. T