Sunday, 16 November 2008


Last week students were introduced to the idea of recycling. Look for the new green recycling bin in our classroom. On one side we will be recycling plastic (like those "will be with us in a million years" plastic grocery bags), and on the other we will be recycing paper (imagine how much paper we can recycle in a school!) As first grade teacher, Haley Alvarado, talked about reasons why we need to recycle in a first grade assembly, children learned that plastic grocery bags that get into the ocean look a lot like jellyfish and often are eaten by mistake and choke some of our sea animal friends! Make sure to ask your child what they rememebr about the assembly. We would love to hear your comments about the recycling that you do at home or if and how your recycling first grader's habits change as we continue this project in the classroom. Go green!

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Melanie Holtsman said...

Recycling is a pretty normal thing in my house. We recycle all plastic, glass and this year we started breaking down all cereal boxes. I need to be better about taking a bag with me to the store and things like that. There are always things you can do!