Friday, 12 December 2008


Our December Book-of-the-Month is When Santa Turned Green. It's a wonderful story for children about global warming. The message is that each child can do their part in making a difference. Mrs. Phillips challenged each class to do their part by coming up with "green ideas." Visit their web site to see what other children are doing around the world.

Among other things, our class decided to plant a tree to replace many of the trees that are being lost. The children carried the oak tree outside and all helped to dig a hole.

They covered the hole, pruned and watered the tree.

Finally, each child was given a chance to mash all the dirt with their fingers to make sure the water absorbed into the ground!
Below they made their pledge to do their part.

Leave a comment and let us know what are you and your child are doing to make a greener world?


T-Cubed said...

Wow! You guys are creating little green warriors,and that is beyond cool.In fact,it is essential to our survival, and that is not an overstatement.

I absolutely love the passion displayed by Mrs.Timmons and her "crew". This is the epitomy of my mantra (Think globally-Act locally). Think about how empowered these kids felt after this excersise in going green. Mrs. Timmons, Mrs. Ruark, and these kids ROCK our world!

Peace to all,


Suzanne said...

I absolutely love this green Book of the Month, and I am so excited that you didn't simply read it, but moved into action and did something to help make our world a greener place. Way to Go, Timmontes!