Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bully Buster Week

January 12-15 is "Bully Buster Week" at Chets Creek. Even though Chets Creek is a very safe environment for our children we recognize the bullying starts very young and gets worse as children get older. Research tells us the devastating effects that bullying has on three groups of children: those that are bullied, those that bully and those that watch bullying take place and do nothing. All week on our in-house morning television program, WCCE, the children will see little vignettes about what to do when they see one child bullying another.

On Monday each child will receive a paper brick and will write about a time when they felt uncomfortable. Every child in the building will contribute a brick to a wall that will go up in the Dining Room.

Monday night, January 12, is Chik-fil-A night and part of the proceeds from 6-8:00 will be given back to Chets Creek to be used for bully prevention. If any child goes up to the counter and says he is a Bully Buster from Chets Creek, he will receive free ice cream!

On Thursday every child in the school is encouraged to wear blue to fight the "Billy Blues". The children will have an assembly in the Dining Room when they will tear the wall down of negative feelings that they built on Monday.

Visit the linked website with your child to learn more about bullying. Or try this website. Let us know what you think!

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