Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Retelling of our Kevin Henkes Day

What a way to end the Kevin Henkes author study. We couldn't believe our eyes on Friday morning. Instead of being greeted by 31 students, we were greeted by 31 cute little mice. There was Lilly, Chester, Wemberly, Owen, Julius, Mr. Slinger, and many more characters from Kevin Henkes books. We rotated from place to place doing special activities. The first stop was outside fun, where our class got to play tug-of-war, make bubbles, play crochet and play jump rope. These were all activities that occurred in the books that we had read. Second stop was watching a Kevin Henkes video of three of our favorite stories, and eating a yummy snack that mice love soooo much, cheetos. Third stop, we went to the Lightbulb Lab, and decorated either a purple purse or a wallet. Fourth stop, we played Jeaopardy and had to answer all types of questions about the stories we had read. Well, you could imagine all of this spectacular fun made our cute little mice very hungry. Thanks to all of you for being so gracious with your donations to our room mom, we had cheeeeeeesy pizza, strawberries, chips and soda for our lunch. We all can't 'THANK YOU' enough. You know our day is not complete until we eat something sweet. Did you know that mice love cupcakes?? Our mice were all given a cupcake and used toppings to make a mouse on their cupcake. Was your little mouse tired when they got home? Sweet dreams little mice.


Anonymous said...

These are the cutest little mice I have ever seen. Lilly would be proud...and so would Mr. Henkes!

Mrs. Ruark

dayle timmons said...

What a day! What a great and wonderful day!

Katie said...

I love your blog and have given you an award for it! Check out my blog for the details!