Thursday, 16 April 2009

Poetry...It's About Thinking Outside The Box

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The TDR’s started a new Reader’s Workshop unit on poetry this week. A lot of deep thought and visualization goes into poetry, but if you were to take the time to stop in and see our kids at work you would soon realize that our 1st graders are deep thinkers. It happened to be very stormy outside when we started the lesson so we read poems on the earth, sea and sky. We were able to get the children to feel what was going on around them and connect with their inner artist. One amazing student wrote the following poem titled The Wind.

The wind is waving the leaves and the vines.
The wind is strong going in days and nights.
The wind is cool and cold.
The wind is straight and wirley and curvy
and uply and downly and pointly and
upsidedownly and rightly and lefty and dently.

He clearly used his schema, his senses and his emotions to immerse the reader in how he was feeling at that particular moment. Wow! Wow! Wow! As a teacher I couldn’t be more proud. Way to go TDR’s!

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Jay said...

The Easter egg hunt was really great!I hope we can do this egg hunt on the big playground again. It was very fun. Next Easter can we play for 10 minutes? Thank you TDR's!! Love Jasmine:)