Sunday, 5 April 2009

Xtra! Xtra! Persuasive Writing 101

Prior to spring break the TDR’s started our “NEW” persuasive writing unit. The children have been given the task of writing persuasive letters about their own “real-world issues/concerns.” Much to our delight the students came forward with an outpouring of ideas such as field trips once a week (for more in depth learning), a Nintendo DS (for educational purposes of course), a new trampoline because the old one is broken and a safety hazard, a puppy (to teach them responsibility) and many more. I have to say I liked the idea of McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza being delivered once a week. We created our own TDR Post Office inclusive of stationary, stamps, envelopes, etc. Over the next two weeks we will be addressing and sending these letters out to the principal, moms and dads, teachers among many others. So the next time you go to the mail box beware…persuasion is in the air!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are some lucky kiddos. I hope they get their wishes, especially the dawg :-}

I am also jealous that you know how to use "slide", and I don't :-{


Holly Davis said...

I loved getting the letter from John. He tried to persuade us to get a swimming pool. :)

H. Alvarado said...

It looks like your kids have definitely found their "voice" through persuasive writing! They definitely look like they are LOVING this writing unit! Good job! :)

Jay said...

I have a feeling that the writer of the puppy letter was able to persuade one parent.There may be a surprise in the near future for this persuasive writer. Let's see if this writer's dad can be just as persuasive.