Thursday, 30 August 2007

Caps for Sale and Some Monkey Business

As the day was coming to an end and we were busy getting prepared to go home, we overheard Nathan say, "This was the best day of Kindergarten!" Truly music to a kindergarten teacher's ears! From Matthew being chosen as the Star Name of the Day in Skills Block, to learning all about our independent reading book bins, to listening to a favorite read aloud of the star book, Caps for Sale, to making our very own cap-wearing monkeys (from the book), it was a busy, yet fun day. The class has even started working together as a team to earn "class rocks"...because they know that when the jar gets full, we will celebrate with a party of their choice! Our second week of Kindergarten is almost through and WOW...have we made progress!

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Anonymous said...

Caps for sale was my favorite book as a child, when I had my first child I read it over and over. I cant wait to see the monkeys.My son is more excited about school than I have ever seen him. Thank you all for being the greatest teachers and so accepting of every child.