Friday, 14 September 2007

Egg Over Easy

What about that egghead? Humpty Dumpty has been walking that wall all week! Ask your child about the day that we actually had a real egg up on a wall and watched it fall. We figured out why the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty back together again!

Humpty has introduced our little ones to some new words this week. We have found these sight words in our rhyme: a, the, had, on (notice the green tape over those words on the chart below). Maybe your child can find some of the words at home this week. We have also learned to say the first sound we hear in words? What’s the first sound you hear in the word Humpty? Answer: /h/ When a letter has slashes before and after, it means that it’s the sound that “h” makes. Ask your child to tell you the first sound s/he hears in these words:
Dumpty Answer:/d/
wall /w/
fall /f/
king /k/
We are also still working with words that rhyme – words that sound the same at the end. Ask your child to make a nonsense rhyming word with his own name such as Maria Baria, Caleb Naleb, Madison Radison and with all the names in your family. We have had fun all week making rhyming names. For a copy of the rhyme to read with your child, go to It has been an egg-specially great week!

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