Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Special Volunteers and Visitors

We are just about ready for our parent and grandparent volunteers to join us in the classroom as TIMMONTE VOLUNTEERS!

In the mean time, Mrs. Conte has had some special family members come and visit our classroom. Her brother, John, was visiting from Mississippi, and spent Tuesday morning volunteering with us! He put labels on our math portfolios, got our homework assignment ready and separated some books.

Mrs. Conte's baby, Charlie, came by today for a special visit. He came just in time for read aloud, so we all got to meet him. He even gave us a smile! Boy, he sure loves kids!
We can't wait until our parents and grandparents can come and volunteer. Maybe they will even get their picture taken and get to be on our blog!

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Monica Dau said...

What a cute baby. You must be very proud