Thursday, 25 October 2007

Fall Traditions

Today we came dressed as our favorite book characters and then paraded around the halls for all the school to see. Below are some of the characters that walked the parade!

Next we had centers in the classroom. We enjoyed making orange and black necklaces with patterns; playing Number Bingo; making Fall hats with letters, leaves and pumpkins; decorating pumpkin shaped cookies; practicing our color words by coloring a seasonal booklet; and making seasonal shapes with play dough. Thanks to all the parents that joined us for the fun and games!

After our fun day, we asked each child: What was your favorite part of today?

Alexander - making a cookie
Alexis - playing Bingo because we got to eat two candy corns
Alyssa - doing Number bingo... and winning!
Caleb - doing the centers!
Chloe - making crowns and necklaces
Crawford - giving high fives when we marched in the parade
Dominic - being Robin!
Eleana - when I saw our patrols in the parade
Elissa - eating candy corn
Evan - decorating the cookie
Felix - eating my cookie!
Hunter - making cookies and being the Cat in the Hat
Ishaan - I can't wait for the Carnival tonight
Jaden - playing outside with my friends
Joey - when we made the necklaces and the cookies and everything
John - when the kids gave us high fives in the parade
Madison - I like the Bingo and when I decorated my cookie
Maria - being a dancer and eating a cookie
Matthew - playing Bingo
Maya - I liked the bead "thingees"
Michael - I like the sprinkles on the cookies
Mikayla - being the good witch!
Natalie - making a pattern with my necklace
Nathan - giving everybody high fives - including my cousin
Parker - I loved every single thing!
Taniyah - wearing my Princess costume
Unique - doing play dough with those cookie cutters


Anonymous said...

Our curious kindergartnhers are going to love it when they see your message! Mrs. T

Anonymous said...

So cute... this is exactly what John told me was his favorite part of the day!