Tuesday, 30 October 2007

This is Fire Safety Week and the children were delighted by a simulation of a real house fire in the Dining Room. They watched as a pretend tissue paper fire along with smoke (a fog machine) was piped into the darkened room. Then they watched as fire fighters crept low to the ground in full gear to save the teacher that was sleeping. The children couldn't take their eyes off the fire fighters.

Next the children asked questions and were reminded about calling 911 in case of emergencies, having a family meeting place outside with their family in case of fire and and were even given a homework assignment. They were told to go home and ask their family when they last changed the batteries in their fire alarm(s). There will be prizes for those children that remember to ask!

Finally the children were invited outside to see the big red engine and all of the fire fighter gear. Make sure to ask your child about this life saving assembly!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Timmontes,

It has been so much fun helping out in your class. I am very impressed with how 'polite' and 'grown-up' you are. Keep up the good work and you will learn a lot from your awesome teachers. I think you all need to give Ms. Conte, Ms. Timmons, Ms. T, and Ms. Thielen a great big 'high-five'.

See you soon,
Donna Powell
"Caleb's Mom"