Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hey Canada, We Have Questions!

The TD’s are so excited about our new blogging friends in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. With this excitement come lots of questions. Our tenacious 1st graders would like to know what the weather is like this time of year in Regina? Jacksonville’s average for February is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, but we’re thinking it may be a little colder in Regina. On a more urgent note, the TD’s would like to know what Canadians eat. Some of our favorites are spaghetti, macaroni and cheese and chocolate pudding, with the latter getting the most votes. I have to say, I voted for the chocolate pudding too! Our final question for this week is what does Regina look like? We would love to see some pictures to help us get a better idea of where you live. We look forward to hearing from you!


Robbie said...

Hey how are you guys doing?

I hear that is it warm there, right now it is -2 F which is about normal but it can get as cold as -40 F. It gets so cold that we have to plug in our cars so that the engine stays warm and they will start. I must say that I love pasta too, chocolate pudding is ok but not my favorite. I will be sure to take some pictures of Regina for you too see.

Anonymous said...

Dear Robbie,
We loved your comments. Do you know how to speak French? What do you do for fun? We like recess, softball,soccer and playing the Wii! Do you have any brothers or sisters or children? We hope to hear from you soon.
The TDR's Class