Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Kevin Henkes Author Study

The TD's proudly present the beginning of the Kevin Henkes author study. This particular author study is a read-aloud study filled with delightful and relatable stories written by Mr. Henkes. We will read and reread stories to offer the students an opportunity to get a true sense of the author and his work. We will teach the children how to think and discuss “across” several books. The children will learn the importance of making connections to stories, how to compare and contrast story elements, how to retell a story and how to shape and record a variety of responses to the literature they are read. As our readers master the basics of this genre we will branch off into other creative avenues including timelines, murals, stories written through the eyes of the story character, student altered character adventures and story endings. So ask your child about Kevin Henkes and his world of wondrous mice!

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Katie said...

I'm looking forwarrd to seeing your progress with this author study! Sounds very interesting!