Wednesday, 14 November 2007

It's a Family Affair

Tonight parents joined us to help celebrate our Native American unit. We have learned so much about our Native American tribe, the mighty Iroquois Nation. We have learned that they ate corn, beans, and squash and that they called these vegetables the "Three Sisters." We have learned that they made music by beating drums and shaking rattles that were sometimes made of turtle shell. In fact, we have made our own rattles to dance with at our Pow Wow on Friday. We have learned that the Iroquois wore feathers in their hair and we have made special head feathers to wear with our Iroquois costumes. In fact some of the moms in our class have been working on making Native American costumes for us that are like the ones that would have been worn by Iroquois boys and girls many years ago. You and your family might enjoy reading more about the Iroquois Nation at

Tonight we enjoyed working with our families on making longhouse which are the houses that the Iroquois lived in. If you would like to see our longhouses, just stop by the lobby in the front office and see our display! Below are some pictures of some of our families as we enjoyed the night together.

We hope to see you at the Pow Wow!

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