Sunday, 13 July 2008

Meet Cathy Daniels!

As you know, Mrs. Conte will be staying home next year and spending time with little Charlie. She will also be keeping Kallyn Timmons, Mrs. Timmons' daughter. Mrs. Timmons and Mrs. T will be looping with the class but that means that we need a new teacher to take Mrs. Conte's place. We are so excited to introduce you to Ms. Cathy Daniels who will be our new co-teacher. Here's a letter to our Chets Creek family from Ms. Daniels!My name is Cathy Daniels. I am a native of Jacksonville, Florida. As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved working with children. After graduating from the University of North Florida in Special Education, I added Regular Education to my degree. I began teaching fourth grade at Parkwood Heights Elementary in 1983. I enjoyed teaching fourth grade for 14 years. Then, I took seven years off to raise my daughter, Kayla.

Once Kayla began kindergarten and first grade at Chets Creek, I was able to volunteer in her room and I started substituting in the primary grades. I was thrilled to become part of the Chets Creek family in 2005, as a first grade teacher. This will be my fourth year teaching first grade at Chets.

Teaching is my passion, and I can honestly say, my heart is with the children each and every single day. Words cannot express the excitement I have when students become independent readers, and it’s almost as if little light bulbs are going off throughout the room. I want children to not just love learning and become independent readers, but I try and build their self-confidence, so they know that nothing is impossible.

I am especially excited this year to work with Randi Timmons and dayle timmons (Mrs. T). I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you, and consider it an honor to be able to teach your child this year.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful summer. Kayla and I are having a great time. We have been staying up late, and sleeping in, and everyday, we ask ourselves, “Is today Saturday?” She and I have been to Melbourne Beach, and Orlando. We had a blast on the fourth of July. We spent it with my family at a lake, and went tubing, and jet skiing, and watched the fireworks from the roof of a dock. Also, Kayla and I went to a farm/ranch and got to feed deer. We’ve been going to the beach every week, and love the water parks, and like to shop 'til we drop at the Town Center.

I can’t wait to meet all of you, my new first grade family. I’ll see you all at Orientation on August 15th.

Yours truly,
Cathy Daniels

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Sherrie Anderson said...

How exciting to begin your co-teaching experience with Mrs. Timmons next year. I miss Kayla so much. Sounds like you both are having a great summer. Only a few weeks left and then we are back to school. I am very happy for you and look forward to next year!!

Love ya,