Monday, 7 July 2008

Mrs. Conte's 4th of July

Mrs. Conte, Mr. Conte and Charlie went to Keystone Heights, Florida, for the 4th of July. Charlie got to see his first parade and didn't even cry when the firetruck sirens played, the cars beeped and the cannon boomed! Only in Keystone does the parade start with a cowboy on a bull accompanied by a dog and 2 geese!

After the parade, they went out to the lakehouse to cool off by splashing around in the lake. They loved spending time with their family!

What did you do for the 4th of July? We would love for you to leave a comment and let us know!


Melanie Holtsman said...

We had fun at the pool and watching the beach fireworks. Love the Conte family photos! Charlie is getting so big.

Anonymous said...

Me and Mommy had a party and invited all of our church friends!
Love Ally