Friday, 18 July 2008


One of the things that 1st graders are asked to do during the first few days of 1st grade is to demonstrate that they understand opposites. They are given a sheet of 10 words that they have to read and then write the opposite word. Spelling doesn't count. The assessment is repeated at mid-term and again at the end of the year as one measure of growth in vocabulary. To help your child prepare for the antonym, or opposite, assessment, read the Looky Book below.

Next practice on some of the opposites below. Say the word and encourage your child to say the opposite. I'll bet you and your child can think of some other opposite pairs!

slow - fast

ugly - pretty

good - bad

yes -no

clean - dirty

kind - mean

short - tall

soft - hard

big - little

low - high

hot - cold

sad - happy

hard - soft

old - young

rich - poor

near - far

thin - thick

near - far

light - dark

Enjoy this final book slection of opposites.

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