Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alex was four years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She asked her parents if she could make lemonade and sell it so she could donate the money to research. Alex held the first Lemonade Stand before she succumbed to the disease. You and your child may be interested in reading more about Alex and her Lemonade Stand at

Our class has joined with all the kindergarten classes at Chets Creek to host Lemonade Stands this year to help raise money for research for childhood cancer. We were honored to be asked to host the first Lemonade Stand on our first Parent Night at Chets Creek. During class the children learned how to make lemonade. Some of them even wrote the directions so other classes would know how to make it when it is their turn. Some of the students came with their families at night to sell the lemonade and the children kept tally mark of how many glasses they sold. The class even showed their experiences by posting it on this month's bulletin board, When Life give You Lemons...Make Lemonade! Make sure to stop by and check out our board!


Melanie Holtsman said...

Timmonte Teachers and Students,
I think it is wonderful that you are supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand to fight childhood cancers. I hope that other classes across the world read your blog and become inspired to start their own stand. I didn't get to come to family night, but I promise to come buy lots of lemonade next time you set up your stand.
Mrs. Holtsman

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching the children help raise money at the lemonade stand. They all did it with such enthusiasm. The children made sure that every single person including teachers and their own parent recieved a flyer. The other children sung Lemonade for Donations! Lemonade for Donations! Good Job Boys and Girls!
Evan's mom