Monday, 19 November 2007

We Are Thankful For...

A very fabulous center at our Powwow last Friday was the Storytelling Center, held inside the large Teepee on our primary playground. At the conclusion of the storytelling, a "talking feather" was passed around and each person holding the talking feather told the group what they were thankful for. Here are the Timmontes' responses:

Emily- my mommy came over to my school

Alexis- the sun

Hunter- the Teepee

Unique- the Teepee

Michael- my teachers

Nathan- the Teepee

Dominic- cowboy

Eleana- the whole world

Matthew- Jesus

John- My dad getting money

Evan- God and everything

Maria- my parents were here

Alyssa- my house

Maya- my family

Crawford- the sky

Ishaan- for the the peoples in this Teepee

Taniyah- God and Jesus

Chloe- God

Natalie- Mary, God and Jesus

Felix- water

Caleb- the earth

Parker- my mommy and daddy

Mikayla- the Iroquois-they help keep us safe

Elissa- my brother

Madison- Jesus

Jaden- my family

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