Sunday, 25 November 2007

Thanksgiving Vacation

What did you do for Thanksgiving? Some people travel (like Ishaan who is in Hong Kong!) and some people stay at home. Mrs. Timmons' visited her husband (Coach Timmons') family near Tampa. They enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and dressing on Thursday. Mrs. Timmons brought a pumpkin cake that was Coach Timmons' favorite and she helped her husband's cousin make mashed potatoes. Mrs. T was there, of course, and she brought pumpkin muffins and the "green stuff" which is a special lime gelatin which has been at her family Thanksgiving table for years. They enjoyed time together with aunts, uncles, sisters, parents neices and cousins.

On the way back to Jacksonville, they all stopped at Universal in Orlando. Mrs. Timmons posed at the Curious George exhibit since that's the theme of our blog!

What did you do for Thanksgiving? Did you travel or stay at home? Did you have something favorite to eat for Thanksgiving Day? Did you remember to be thankful for all the special things in your life? Let us know through a comment to this post. We'll also begin posting some of the children's responses on our blog!
Added 11-26-07
Felix wrote this about his Thanksgiving vacation:
I wit to set tmdos for denner.
I ped wat mi frnd Mario and
Tobe. I plad wut futboll
and i wach Spitman 3.
Teks faw mi family and fris.
I went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.
I played with my friends Mario and
Toby. I played with football
and I watched Spiderman 3.
Thanks for my family and friends.
Maria wrote this about her Thanksgiving holiday:
I have fun on my holiday.
I have rice and salt for Thanks-
giving dinner.
I played jump rope
and fed the rabbits.

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