Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Class Promise and Book-in-a-bag

The TDs wrote a class promise this year that they read together every single day. It's always interesting to us what first graders think is important. We especially like that this year's class decided to include promising to flush the toilet and wash their hands! We have finally gotten into a routine and hope that the new hurricanes don't knock us off course again! Each child has selected books that are "just right" for them to practice reading in the classroom. This year we are using the nifty red Target bags on the back of our chairs to hold all of our "just right" leveled books. These are the same books that we will bring home to practice in our book-in-a-bag. You should have received a book in a plastic folder each night this week along with a book log and directions for the book-in-a-bag. Research tells us that children that read every night have the best chance of becoming readers. While your child should bring home a different book each night, it is okay if he brings home the same book for several nights in a row because repeated readings of the same book over and over build fluency which helps comprehension. It shouldn't happen often, but if your child happens to forget to bring home a book one night, just choose a book that you have at home for your child to read or that you can read to your child. Happy reading!

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