Friday, 26 September 2008

Shoes for Grandpa!

Shoes for Grandpa is one of our favorite Mem Fox books. Today each child drew pictures to retell the story of the things that were bought for Jessie. Make sure to ask your child to retell the story! I wonder if anyone will buy Jessie a pair of jeans?


Anonymous said...

The T.D. class is brilliant. I can't wait to see if all of our First Graders can remember the events in the story, 'Shoes for Grandpa.' Ask your child if they remember who gave Jesse the mittens.
Ms. Daniels

Parker Rossignol said...

Dear Mrs. Timmons, Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. T...I was so excited to see my artwork from 'Shoes for Grandpa' on our blog site. Jesse sure did have lots of clothes like my sisters do...especially Peyton...her clothes are fancy. I still don't know why it takes her so long to get dressed and why there are more clothes on the floor than in her closet. Love your student Parker.