Saturday, 27 September 2008

Combinations of 10!

Math today is a lot different than the Math we had as kids, but the many manipulative activities built into our curriculum lay the foundation so that we can build many complex concepts in the days to come. This week students were given 10 M&Ms or colored marshmallows or goldfish. They were told that some were red and some were blue. How many could they have of each color? They were looking for combinations of 10. They were encouraged to show their work using pictures, numbers and words. They loved this activity, especially the part when they got to eat the M&M’s, marshmallows or the goldfish at the end. Isn’t this work that looks like fun?!!


Lauren said...

Butter Cup,

We are so proud of you. She like to play on the Monkey Bars Outside.

From : Mommy and Alexis

Anonymous said...

Great job TD's. You should be so proud of the hard work you did together. Keep it up..

Lisa Grupp

Anonymous said...

i likt wen we playd towrs uv 10! alexander