Thursday, 4 September 2008

Meet TD Chet!

We had a surprise in our room today! TD Chet wrote us a letter. He is a stuffed bear from the Traveling Chet family. Some of his cousins live in other classrooms at Chets Creek. TD Chet loves to travel and he wants to travel with some of the families in our classroom. Today Ishaan said he would like to take TD Chet with him and his family to Vancouver and Seattle. Amre said he wanted to take him to the Sudan and Crawford volunteered to take him to Disney World over Christmas! If you would like to take TD Chet with your family, then let the teachers know. Your job will be to take some pictures and write about the adventures that TD and your child enjoy together. To keep up with the adventures of the Chet family, tune in often to Traveling Chet!

1 comment:

Parker said...

Me again...Parker... I love TD Chet a lot. Can he go with me to Georgia next weekend. If Peyton does not have a test I won't be at school on Friday so I have to take him to my house on Thursday. He can sleep on my bottom bunk so he doesn't bust his bear head. Like Humpty Dumpty I don't think we could put him back together again. That was a joke. Did you laugh? Does TD have pjs and a suitcase? I hope he can come with me. Bear hugs and kisses, your student Parker. I love you, xoxo